Partner Scheme

Do you have clients or potential clients who may need quality Oracle or SQL Server database services? If so, join our partner scheme and earn money for each referral. Our resale options are flexible to suit you and your clients’ needs.

Partner Scheme

Earn commission and get free pre-sales help

All of our critically-acclaimed Oracle support and consultancy services are available for resale through our partner scheme, giving you the chance to earn substantial revenue while providing your clients with reliable, competitively priced Oracle services.

We are happy to assist you with technical pre-sales work by applying our specialist knowledge of the Oracle product set and licensing rules to your clients’ requirements.

We can offer different resale and partner reward treatments for each of your clients, to maximise the benefit to you.

Our key resale options are:

    We can supply our Oracle services under your company name. We can manage our relationship with your client either directly as representatives of your company, or via your own staff.
    We can supply all our Oracle services under our name. We can manage our relationship with your client either directly, or via your own staff.

Our partner reward options are:

    For ongoing work (such as Oracle support contracts), we can pay a generous percentage commission on all revenues for the entire life of the contract.
    For ongoing work and one-off jobs, we can pay a significant lump sum referral reward.

Please contact us for further details.

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