Application Server Support

We are equally assured in supporting both WebLogic Server and Oracle Application Server (Internet Application Server), and can perform migrations between the two. We are a 24-hour consultancy, so provide the same quality of service to support clients within and outside the UK.

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Oracle Application Server support

Experience you can rely on

Our standard remote Oracle Application Server support package costs just £770$1219€936 per month. This is fully inclusive of the following services:

  • Initial full health check, and production of a detailed technical report
  • Resolve issues flagged in technical report following client sign-off
  • Unlimited access to qualified Oracle Application Server experts from 8am to 6pm (UK time), Monday to Friday
  • Out-of-hours maintenance tasks scheduled to suit you
  • Continual monitoring of Oracle Application Server components
  • Daily proactive environment checks
  • Set up and maintenance of backups, including infrastructure database backups
  • Gathering and maintenance of server capacity planning data
  • Periodic reporting of issues detected and remedial tasks performed
  • Recoveries performed immediately on demand
  • Software upgrades and patching

Oracle Application Server consultancy

We also offer other WebLogic Server and Internet Application Server services. Please contact us for details.

Flexible support options

Our Oracle WebLogic Server and Internet Application Server support packages are fully configurable, and 24-hour support is available.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can you maximise our application server uptime?

    We believe in prevention rather than cure. Our proactive and continual monitoring regime ensures that outages are extremely rare.

  • How do you access our application servers?

    We will use whatever remote access technology suits you best. We currently use a combination of VPN (Virtual Private Networks), SSH (Secure Shell) and Password Token technologies to ensure that we can access your servers securely, reliably and quickly.

  • What service levels can we expect?

    Our helpdesk consultants are ready to take your call. Your support call will be immediately passed to an appropriate Oracle Application Server consultant. We guarantee a technical response within 30 minutes, but in practice you will receive an immediate response during standard support hours.

  • Due to the nature of our systems, it is inappropriate to perform maintenance tasks during the standard support hours (8am - 6pm). Can you perform these tasks outside standard hours?

    All maintenance tasks are performed at times that suit you. We perform out-of-hours work at no extra cost.

  • Which Oracle Application Server versions do you support?

    We support all versions, but most of our clients are using versions Oracle 9iAS (Release 2) or Oracle 10gAS. We perform upgrades and patches on agreement with the client, and at no extra cost.

  • Does your support price include application server recoveries when required?

    Yes. All our support consultants are trained in a range of Oracle Application Server recovery scenarios, and our fast recovery service is included in the price.

  • Where are your support consultants physically based?

    All our consultants are based in the UK, and most are in Greenwich, London. When issues with UK-based clients' databases cannot be resolved remotely, we will travel to the client datacentre free-of-charge to fix the problem.

  • We have special requirements. Can you cater for these?

    Yes. All our packages are flexible to meet clients' individual needs.

  • What documentation can we expect?

    All maintenance tasks performed are fully documented, and this documentation is available on request. Details of all maintenance tasks performed is also included in our periodic reports.

  • We require support for our clients. Do you offer resales/subcontracts?

    Yes. We can rebadge our services, or can pay a one-off commission/referral bounty to you.

  • What are your payment terms?

    We invoice after each month of the support term has expired. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. Alternative payment terms are available on request.


Oracle Support Solutions

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