Oracle Backup and Recovery Consultancy

Our Oracle backup and recovery consultancy services will ensure that your backup strategy is optimally designed and implemented to minimise data loss and service outage, even after the most serious of failures.

We also design, implement and test optimal solutions for Oracle High Availability and Disaster Recovery, heeding budgetary factors, technical constraints and business requirements. See our DR and HA page for further details.

Backup and Recovery consultancy

Solutions to maximise uptime and minimise data loss

Data is a valuable asset. Our solutions ensure that your database uptime and your data are protected against system failure, physical corruption and logical corruption.

Our backup and recovery consultancy services include:

  • Review business and technical requirements, and recommend suitable Oracle backup solutions within a detailed technical report
  • Assess suitability of existing Oracle backup strategies
  • Implement Oracle backups
  • Monitor Oracle backups and report exceptions/failures
  • Perform test Oracle database recoveries
  • Perform Oracle database clones, or implement automated cloning processes

We have extensive knowledge of Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), Oracle Secure Backup (OSB), Oracle Flashback, Oracle Block Change Tracking, SAN replication and third party backup products.

We can also recommend suitable High Availability and Disaster Recovery measures to complement your backup and recovery strategy. See our DR and HA page for further details.

Frequently asked questions

  • What types of backups can you set up for us?

    We can implement whichever backup strategy best suits your needs and wishes. This may incorporate Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager), third party backup products with or without Oracle plug-ins, or bespoke backups via custom scripts, We can also advise you on Disaster Recovery considerations.

  • Will your documentation describe how to recover from all possible failure scenarios?

    No. The vast number of possible Oracle recovery scenarios makes this a huge task. The example scenarios documented for you will cover the most commonly performed recoveries. You should refer to Oracle's Backup and Recovery guide for all others.

  • Do you provide warranties for the work performed?

    Yes. We provide two weeks of free remote support for backups deployed.

  • When can we expect documentation for the tasks performed?

    We typically write up the tasks performed within one week of our site visit. You are guaranteed to have a copy of the documentation within two weeks of work completion.

  • We require a backup and recovery strategy to be devised and implemented for our client. Do you offer resales/subcontracts?

    Yes. We can rebadge our services, or can pay a one-off commission.

  • How can we be sure of your credentials?

    We have been advising our clients on best backup and recovery strategies since 1996, and have successfully performed countless recoveries in that time. Company references are available on request.

  • What are your payment terms?

    We invoice after work has been completed and you are in possession of our documentation. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.


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