Oracle Installation

The way your Oracle database software is installed and your database is set up will significantly affect the resilience and performance of your system.

Oracle software installation and set up

Our Offer

For £800$1267€973 our consultants can complete the following tasks:

  • Provide server set up and disk configuration recommendations
  • Perform installation of Oracle database 11g software (or whatever version you require) including all required components
  • Patch Oracle software installation to required/supported levels (usually the latest patchset)
  • Configure Oracle networking software
  • Set up and configure one database
  • Set up back up and housekeeping jobs
  • Perform knowledge transfer of techniques used during installation and set up
  • Fully document tasks performed

We will do a neat, professional job that will save you future maintenance and issues. Please contact us for further details.

Custom requirements
We offer the above package with optional extras, such as pre-installation sizing/feasibility study, or post-installation volume/load testing. We can also install and set up other Oracle products such as Oracle Application Server. Please contact us for further details.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will you set up our application schema(s) for us?

    Yes, provided you have this in a format we can use (e.g. scripts or an export). We can also review your set-up DDL scripts and provide recommendations free-of-charge, if you'd like to send them to us prior to the installation.

  • Can you perform a Real Application Clusters or Oracle Fail Safe Installation?

    Yes, we can negotiate a price for RAC or OFS installations. Depending on your exact requirements, this will typically be between £1200 and £1600.

  • We have special requirements. Can you cater for these?

    Yes. All our packages are flexible to meet clients' individual needs.

  • Which Oracle database versions can you install for us?

    We can install whichever version is best for you (this is sometimes dictated by application vendor certifications). Currently most clients are choosing Oracle 11g Release 1 or Oracle10g Release 2, as these ares now stable releases.

  • Do you provide warranties for the installation work?

    We will ask you to assess and sign-off the work performed before our consultant leaves your site. We also provide free remote support for two weeks.

  • When can we expect documentation for the tasks performed?

    We typically write up the tasks performed within one week of the Oracle installation. We guarantee that you will receive documentation within two weeks.

  • We require an installation to be performed for our clients. Do you offer resales/subcontracts?

    Yes. We can rebadge our services, or can pay a one-off commission/referral bounty to you.

  • How can we be sure of your credentials?

    We have been offering Oracle installations to our clients since 1996, and company references are available on request.

  • What are your payment terms?

    We invoice after the Oracle installation has been completed and you are in possession of our documentation. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.


Oracle Support Solutions

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