Oracle Upgrade Migration

Our skilled pool of Oracle consultants have successfully completed many upgrade and migration exercises. We can offer you informed advice on the best way to tackle your upgrade or migration project.

Popular upgrade and migration services are listed below, but we can tackle any database migration work.

Oracle upgrade and migration services

Common upgrade and migration project types

Oracle version migrations
Maximising Oracle support levels and gaining access to latest Oracle features are two reasons for migrating to latest software versions. We’re advising clients to plan migrations from old versions to Oracle 11g Release 2 as soon as possible.

We can perform Oracle software and database migrations in isolation, or can manage the whole project for you from planning stages to final testing and implementation. Where multiple applications or servers require migration, we can offer volume discounts.

Database management system migrations
We are experienced in migrating databases and code from other database management systems to Oracle. We have recently performed migrations from SQL Server, Access, MySQL and PostgreSQL. We can advise on datatype, coding, tuning and other aspects.

Our SQL Server specialist knowledge means we're the ideal choice for migrations to and from Oracle.

Oracle upgrades/patches
Oracle software is renowned for its integrity, resilience and security. Bug and security patches are nevertheless released frequently, and these should be applied periodically to secure your data and maximise supportability.

We can patch your databases and Oracle software installations as a one-off exercise, or continually as patches are released.

Platform migrations
We're very experienced in migrating Oracle databases to different operating system platforms, and can advise on how to migrate with minimal risk and downtime. Our knowledge of standby databases, Oracle Streams and Oracle GoldenGate means we can migrate multi-terabyte databases with almost zero downtime, even when the endian format will change.


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