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Emergency Help

Contact us at any time of day, and you’ll get an immediate response from a skilled SQL professional. There’s no need to have a current support contract.

Call our emergency number (020 8166 5955) outside of UK business hours and speak to our 100% UK based service desk team. Our team is awake and proactively managing our clients’ systems around the clock, seven days a week. During the UK working day, you can call us on 020 8465 9100.

Emergency services offered

Cheaper than going direct

Database recovery

We are highly experienced in all database recovery scenarios. If anyone can get your database online again, we can. We can log onto your server securely or talk you through the recovery by telephone. Our approach is to get you up and running as soon as possible, while safeguarding your data.

Go Live Assistance

We can provide the skilled resource needed to get your database working, even outside office hours.

Issue Resolution

Whether you're experiencing mysterious locks or spurious SQL error messages, our consultants can resolve your SQL issue quickly and safely. We only employ highly experienced SQL professionals, who will have seen and resolved similar issues before. We're happy to tackle your database crashes, database tuning or application errors at zero notice.

Emergency Contact Telephone Numbers

24/7 365

UK 020 8166 5955

Outside UK +44 20 8166 5955

SQL Support Solutions

Our SQL support services start from just $642€453£400 per month