SQL Server Tuning

Poor performance reduces productivity and damages users’ perceptions of applications.

Our tuning exercises deliver significant performance improvements. Please contact us for details.

Database and environment tuning

Our Offer

For just £1200$1901€1459 our tuning specialists will complete the following tasks:

  • Monitor instance, database, application and environment performance
  • Identify performance bottlenecks
  • Investigate user reports of slow system performance
  • Document and resolve performance bottlenecks
  • Schedule tasks required to ensure that performance issues do not return
  • Provide technical documentation for tasks performed

Custom requirements
The tuning package described above shows what we can do for a modest fee. We do however tailor our service to match your specific requirements. Please contact us for further details.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is your usual strategy for tuning a database and its environment?

    Our strategy will depend on your circumstances. However, we typically gather a number of key performance measurements, both at system and database level. These are used in conjunction with user and support staff testimony (where available and appropriate) to identify the main high-level bottlenecks. We then drill down using custom scripts and standard tools to identify the sources of these bottlenecks, before devising solutions to eliminate them.

  • A specific part of my application is performing particularly badly. Can you fix it?

    We will always concentrate first on tuning any functionality identified by the client as causing most problems. In the vast majority of cases you will see a marked performance improvement in those areas when we have finished.

  • If you find inefficient code in our applications, can you rewrite it?

    If the code is stored within the database as PL/SQL, we can amend the code on request (but you should check the support implications for 3rd party products). We will not normally amend other code, but will document the inefficiencies (and can provide details of how these code fragments could be better rewritten) so that you can report these to your application vendor for amendment.

  • Do you provide warranties for any amendments made?

    We provide two weeks of free remote support for any changes made.

  • Which SQL Server database versions can you tune?

    We can tune all versions of SQL Server.

  • When can we expect documentation for the tasks performed?

    We typically document the tasks performed within one week of the tuning exercise. You are guaranteed to have a copy of the documentation within two weeks of work completion.

  • We require an installation to be tuned for our client. Do you offer resales/subcontracts?

    Yes. We can rebadge our services, or can pay a one-off commission.

  • Can you independently verify a client

    Yes, this is one of our more commonly-requested services. Please contact us for further details.

  • What are your payment terms?

    We invoice after work has been completed and you are in possession of our documentation. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.


SQL Support Solutions

Our SQL support services start from just $642€453£400 per month